Did PM Netanyahu and President Trump are stop Congresswomen from visiting Israel because they are Muslim?

Like most of President Trump’s tweets, this is completely unnecessary but absolutely hilarious. No he’s not being anti-Islamic. Yes he is being rude… but to someone who arguably deserves it. This is the problem of people who get their news from Twitter; one look at this and thinks President Trump is being horrible. The media then sounds the alarms saying “Trump attacks female minority congresswomen.” But let’s look at the context. Let me make the case for why this is justified (and hilarious):

This is where the true hypocrisy of the Democratic Party is shown in it’s true light. Israel denied Omar and Tlaib entry into Israel, and the Congresswomen claimed it was because they were Muslim. It wasn’t. The reason that they were denied entry is because they are anti-Semitic and are advocating for boycotts AGAINST Israel. Israel’s population is roughly 20% Muslim and they give those people free speech in the country, which they use to protest the very country the live in. A country that repeatedly protects Muslim citizen’s rights to practice their faith in the country. This is not Anti-Muslim rhetoric by Israel. This is a country retaliating against people who believe the country doesn’t have the right to exist.

It shouldn’t be any question that Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are anti-Semitic. Here’s why:

  • Representatives Omar and Tlaib retweeted this image of Netanyahu and Trump silencing them, with their arms making the Israeli flag. The creator of this cartoon was previously in a Holocaust denial cartoon contest in Iran. They retweeted this man knowing who he was.
  • Tlaib has a world map in her office with a sticky note over Israel saying “Palestine.”
  • Tlaib, a member of the House committee on Financial Services, does not want to sanction countries like Russia or Venezuela. She wants to sanction Israel.
  • Rashida Tlaib has publicly spent time repeatedly with and taken photos with Hamas sympathizers and Hezbollah sympathizers. She has invited them to private dinners and events and has refused to denounce them.
  • Hamas has come out in support for Tlaib and she has not denounced them.
  • When requesting to visit Israel, Rashida Tlaib’s itinerary read “Palestine” instead of Israel.
  • The group (MIFTA) paying for the two representatives to go on this trip is anti-Semitic and posts articles of Neo-Nazis. They have ties to terrorist sympathizers, call terrorists “national heroes”, and support BDS. They advocate suicide bombings.

The Israeli government initially was going to let them to Israel, but once they saw the Itinerary they said no. They were intending on visiting groups who are advocating for terrorism of Israel. The itinerary did not even have a meeting with ANY government officials.

Tlaib then claimed that she wanted to visit her grandmother who lives in Israel. President Trump recommended that Israel not let them in, and the Prime Minister agreed. However Israel made a statement that they would consider letting Tlaib enter if she submits a request to visit her family members on the condition that she “pledges not to act to promote boycotts against Israel during her visit.”

Tlaib responded that this was part of President Trump’s “Muslim ban” which is anything but true. She also said she intended to “learn from Israelis” which was a lie according to her itinerary. She later tweets and expresses that it important she visits her Grandmother before she dies. She submitted a letter in request to visit her grandmother and claimed she would not promote boycotts and respect their restrictions.

Israel approved. Israel said to Tlaib she could visit their country to see her Grandmother. Tlaib declined. Someone please explain that. It’s obvious this had nothing to do with visiting family, it was about meeting with groups who advocate the boycotting of Israel. There’s plenty of proof for that. This woman is a liar. And the media repeatedly responds with saying that Israel bans her from visiting.

Just with common sense, why in the world would a country let people in who act like this? Can’t we all agree that when you have this close of ties to groups who want to attack a country and you basically prove you’re against the country as a whole, the country has a right to prevent you from entering? Is that not an understandable rule?

Let’s be honest: what if there was a Republican taking pictures with white-supremacists, receiving money from KKK members, and was endorsed by groups who sought violence against all black individuals. Do you think there would be a big media uproar? And then what if that Republican refused to denounce ANY of this? What type of person is that? Is that someone you would want in our government making decisions?

And let’s not forget that President Trump moved the embassy back to Jerusalem just like he promised, and has valued the fact that Israel and the United States are major allies. We give them funding to help keep them safe and protect them from being murdered in the Middle East from constant Palestinian attacks and threats. Despite this, enjoy this video of these Anti-Semites respond with more lies keeping everything you read here in mind:

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