Did President Trump call White Nationalists and neo-Nazis “Fine People”?

The Claim: After the Charlottesville incident, major media outlets ran a video showing President Trump claiming that there were “fine people on both sides.” Media networks also stated that the President refused to condemn white supremacy. (occurred August 13, 2017)

After the Charlottseville fights and riots, President Trump came out later that day to give his response to what had occured. He opened his response by stating this.


It is this next clip in the middle of his press conference that has gone viral. President Trump stated that there were “very fine people on both sides.”


But….. the media said that President Trump was referring to the White Supremacists and the Neo-Nazis. They also mentioned that he failed to condemn the white supremacists on the day the events occured. President Trump two days later made a full statement to once again condemn these people because the media claimed he did not. Here is just one of the many, many times they said this lie.


But he did. Right here. That day. Seconds after he said very fine people.


So who was President Trump referring to when he made the comment of “Very fine people?” It was the protesters who were there being civil.

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