The Statistics of U.S. Transgenderism – “Straight Privilege”

How the modern gender movement is based on a biological lie…

By: Hayden Cunningham

The final article of my three-part series regarding statistics of groups in America that are claimed to be marginalized.

To clarify, in no way am I trying to demean the experiences of those who suffer from transgenderism. I understand that many of them may have a feeling like they don’t belong, or that they are uncomfortable with their body. Like the similar articles, I am making conclusions based off science and empirical (not analytical) data, and showing how that data effects our country and its laws.

Here are the common lies about transgenderism, followed by the truth:

The Lie: Sex is not defined by your genitals or your chromosomes. Sex is not binary. Sex and/or gender is a spectrum.

If you have a Y chromosome, you are typically a male. If you have two XX chromosomes, you are typically female. Variation may occur between these two primary categories. This is referred to as intersex, and represents about 1.7% of the population. Most intersex individuals manifest into one of the two sexes, and most have signs of what sex they are more aligned to. Nonetheless, intersex is a biological anomaly. In science, you do not use the extreme data in your conclusions about the population as a whole. A tiny percent of the population should not disregard the binary conclusion of sex. It is not a spectrum, it is definite.

There are objective standards to gendering a person. In most cases, you can gender someone based off a primary standard: their genitals. It’s what doctors do when a baby is born. The second standard, which can be more accurate in few cases, is chromosomal. If you argue that there is NO objective standard, and that it is entirely subjective, that’s anti-science. If you believe sex exists (which it does) then there must be an objective standard.

The Lie: Gender is a social construct.

First understand the difference between “sex” and “gender.” Up until 1955, the term “gender” was non-existent. The term was created to describe the social roles of a man or a woman. In today’s society, it is used as a social construct; the belief is that gender is not linked to biology, and is a subjective category. maleness and femaleness is correlated with genetic influence. To say otherwise is scientifically reprehensible. Would it make any sense to say that a person who is biologically male is a gender female? A biological male is a gender male because the two are correlated. That man may have feminine characteristics (and that’s okay) but he is still a male.

Gender and sex are not the exact same thing, but they are factually linked. If we are going to say that a mix of feminine and masculine qualities creates a third gender, then where do we cap the number? Are there 100 genders? Are there infinite genders? Facebook created a list of 58 genders to choose from, before ultimately creating a custom gender option to identify as a user-answered term. Several cities are now incorporating non-binary gender options to choose from on government documents? Where do we draw the line?

The Lie: Transgenderism is how people choose to identify. It is not a mental disorder.

Transgenderism is a mental disorder. It used to be called gender dysphoria, and is proven to be a mental disorder. The disorder is highly linked to suicide as well.

A clinical solution that you should switch sexes to surgically solve the way you are feeling in your body is wrong. There is no proof that is clinically the best option, and it definitely does more harm than good. Everyone feels uncomfortable in their body at some point. It’s a part of puberty, it’s natural.

We do not encourage mental disorders, we treat them (like all other mental disorders). To encourage it is immoral. Anorexia, for example, would not be solved by encouraging that person to not eat and be bulimic. Our society does not have a definite cure to transgenderism and what we can do to help it. However, we need to search for solutions instead of letting the disorder be encouraged.

The Lie: Transgenders are bullied, discriminated, and pushed to commit suicide.

The attempted suicide rate in the U.S. is about 4%. The attempted suicide rate in the transgender community is nearly 50%. That’s a problem. However, there is not enough empirical evidence to prove that it is caused by harassment. The high suicide rate is largely due to the fact that it is a mental disorder. For example, a man who has a sex-change to a woman and has no physical appearance that he is actually a man, he still has the 50% suicide rate. It is also worth pointing out that in the United States, a country that is accused of systemic racism, the black community suicide rate is lower. Suicide is even lower in third-world countries. But to say that someone is suicidal because you used the wrong pronoun says less about a systemic problem and more about how much of an irrational response that person has to something that can be a common mistake.

In the workplace, there are some types of discrimination that may occur in the hiring process. There are two types of discrimination: behavior-driven discrimination and identity-driven discrimination. Discriminating based on identity-based characteristics such as race and sex is illegal. But this is not the same as transgenderism. When given the opportunity to higher two equally qualified individuals, and one is transgender, the employer may favor the one who is not. This is a behavior decision. Taking into account that someone has a mental disorder and will act differently because of it is not discrimination based on sex. I’m not implying that it is what that business owner should do, but I am saying they should not have a legal obligation to do so.

The Lie: Sex-reassignment surgery should be given to children. Parents should accept these choices by their children.

There’s nothing wrong with a man who has feminine traits or a woman who has masculine traits. The problem is when the government steps in. When schools try to socialize boys to be like girls and vice versa, there’s going to be a massive problem.

A person’s brain is not fully developed until they are 25. A person’s body matures over a relatively long time as well. To use hormone blockers on a child who is going through puberty can cause irreversible damage. Aside from the medical risks, 80% – 95% of children with gender dysphoria outgrow their confusion by the time they become an adult. For what reason should we allow children to make a serious decision that will change their body, during a time where it is perfectly normal to be uncomfortable about your body? How is this acceptable but alcohol and smoking is not?

The Lie: The transgender community is not trying to enact laws to force certain decisions to be made regarding parenting.

A court case in Texas recently raised some alarms for parents. The father, who stated his 7 year old child was not transgender, faced the threat of losing custody of his child because the mother was attempting to undergo a sex change and the father did not approve. When the government forces parents to raise their children a certain way, they have crossed a serious boundary.

The American Medial Association wants to ban psychologists from being able to tell child patients with gender dysphoria that they are the sex they were assigned at birth. So if your son thinks he is a girl, and goes to see a psychologist, that psychologist would legally not be able to tell your son he is a boy. Any therapy that does not say your child is the gender they want to be would be banned.

The Lie: Misgendering someone is offensive (and “an act of violence”).

Pronouns apply to your biological categories. They are not subjective to your state of mind. They are not subjective to your outward appearance. A man cannot be a woman because he feels like he identifies as a woman. He may feel like he belongs in a different body but he is still a man.

Now there is a level of respect that can be given. If you are in the home of someone who is transgender, or out to dinner with them, it is respectful to call them what they want to be called. But to do so in public is a different story. To call someone by their preferred pronoun rather than the pronoun based off their sex weakens your argument that what they are doing is wrong, and it encourages the mental disorder. Regardless, no laws should force you to speak a way someone wants you to speak.

The Lie: Hate speech laws should be enforced to fight bigotry.

Several countries have proceeded to enact laws restricting “hate speech.” Canada, for example, recently passed a law that would “extend protections against hate speech.” What does this mean? Hate speech is a loosely-defined term. Any speech that offends someone can be labeled “hate speech” by the person who feels victimized. But is that justification for legal action? If a person’s intention on what they say differ from the listener’s interpretation of what was said, it does not justify social outrage and legal action, especially when the statement deemed offensive is truth.

You should have no legal obligation to go on with something that is a lie. In America, the first amendment gives us the freedom to speak our opinions without fear. So long as your “hateful words” are not a call to action, it is your right to say them. It is one of the founding tenants of our democracy. It is so crucial, that it was the first right written down in the Bill of Rights by our founding fathers.

The Lie: Transgender athletes should be allowed to compete in the sex category they identify as.

Men and women are physically different. They have different brain sizes, muscle mass, bone density, etc.. It’s odd that come people are offended by that fact. The difference between men and women in sports is obvious. The fastest a male has ever thrown a baseball is 105mph. The MLB league average fastball speed is 92.3mph. The fastest a woman has ever thrown a baseball is 69mph. There’s a reason that male sports are watched more than female sports in almost every category. This is not because of sex, it’s because spectators prefer to watch at the highest skill level. For example although Serena Williams is the best female tennis player, she would rank among college men if both genders were including in one ranking system.

What type of person is okay watching a man identify as a woman, then physically beat them in wrestling? What type of feminist supports that as well? Perhaps new rules will be added that create new categories for those who identify differently, especially when you have women pumping testosterone into their body at the same time steroids are banned.


The Lie: There is a benefit to changing society to believe these things.

Society falls if we fail to have the same social and biological standards. To abandon these principles leads to laws against misgendering, children changing who they are, and people being afraid to speak out because they will be labeled “transphobic.” Stop calling people bigots for arguing against something illogical. It does no good for a society to lie about science to make people feel better. It is wrong to change what is true in order to avoid offending a group of people. And to say someone is simply “trying to be who they are” is a lie. They are the sex/gender they were born as.

The differences between men and women are not only valuable, but necessary in society. It is clear modern society and modern feminism have an agenda to make more effeminate men than masculine men, claiming they want to fight “toxic masculinity.” But what we really need to do is teach more young boys how to be strong, yet respectful men. This will create better fathers, husbands, boyfriends, sons, and just members of society.

The left has a history of parading themselves as the party of science. They then go on to claim that Republicans are the party of God and false beliefs. All of this is anti-science. Even communities founded on science, like the AMA as stated earlier, are putting virtual signaling over science. Society should not be blind to biology and have subjective principles. Rather, our principles should be rooted in truth. To do otherwise loses the foundational pillars that our society, and our country, rest upon.

Be careful when you hear someone use the argument “I am speaking my truth.” What does ‘my truth’ mean? There is the truth, and then there is your opinion. The two may not always be the same. Conflating the two will only cause problems, especially when you are opposing the scientific facts of sex.

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