Biden and Harris: Democrats’ Trojan Horse

Joe Biden’s candidacy is a gateway to far-left, radical policy…

By: Hayden Cunningham

2020 has been an odd election year for the United States. With the spread of COVID-19, public events traditionally associated with one’s candidacy has been cancelled. No press conferences, no rallies, no party conventions. Joe Biden couldn’t have asked for anything better. After all, what’s better for a candidate who stumbles over every sentence than to not have to go out in public?

The candidacy of Joe Biden alone should scare the moderate voter. His obvious cognitive decline and incoherence is enough evidence to believe that he is not physically fit to do the job of President. He is a career politician, having first entered Congress in 1973. He ran for president in 1988, THIRTY-TWO years ago. This was also the year he had his first brain aneurysm that required surgery.

Only until now in 2020 was he able to secure a presidential nomination, and this week he has tapped Kamala Harris as his potential Vice-President. Biden made it clear that his intention was to specifically pick a woman of color for the nomination, rather than looking across all demographics and choosing who he believed was most qualified in his opinion.

Kamala Harris is no “pragmatic moderate.” According to Harris was the furthest left senator of Congress in 2019. She was further left than Bernie Sanders, and her authoritative tendencies are obvious.

Here are just some of the far-left policies that Kamala Harris says she would execute if she were president:

  • Supports after-birth abortion
  • Supporter of the Green New Deal as well as
    • a ban on fracking
    • a ban on all plastic straws
  • Said she would use executive powers to ban assault weapons
  • Co-sponsored a bill to force sports to allow transgender athletes to compete
  • Wants to phase out private healthcare insurance
  • Supports free healthcare services to illegal immigrants
  • Believes illegal immigrants are not criminals and open border crossing should be completely decriminalized

And of course, let’s not forget this masterpiece:

Yes, Kamala is running as the Vice-President. But this election carries more weight on the V.P.’s than ever before. We have the oldest party nominees to ever run for office. And with Joe Biden’s numerous events of memory loss and rambling, 59% of voters believe Biden’s running mate will take over as President during his first term in office.

Joe Biden is a puppet of the democratic party. He is simply incapable of executing the office of the president. The party has control on what he says and what he does. They are able to prop up a candidate who will most-likely step down within the first four years of office. It’s a cunning strategy that attempts to put a radical into office without that radical having to run directly for office. And they shouldn’t get away with that.

There’s a lot wrong with this 2020 election. The age of our candidates have brought to question that since the presidency has an age minimum, maybe it should have an age maximum. Joe Biden’s decision to pick a V.P. based specifically on the color of that person’s skin and their sex is a horrible example to set for children. as Martin Luther King Jr. stated, people should be judged by the content of their character and not their skin color.

I have a hard time voting for Donald Trump. But I will confidently do so to stop the corruption and attack on liberty that the Democratic Party has decided to engage in. To be in control of Hollywood, big tech, the media. To blatantly try to tear apart the Constitution and attack the core principles that have made America historically great. To try to induce a recession and a poor economy to make President Trump look bad at the one thing most people trust him to do successfully. And to now try to find a way to sneak a radical politician into the Oval Office. The party shouldn’t be allowed to get away with that, regardless of how off-putting President Trump may be. And although he may not perform as President the way I would want him to, at least Trump can physically do the job.

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