It’s Time to Assign Blame

It’s time to stop sitting back and allowing things to fall apart…

By: Hayden Cunningham

It’s been three months since the death of George Floyd and American cities continue to burn. There’s a lot of reasons why these riots are happening. There’s a better explanation than “this is Trump’s America” or “this is systemic racism.” Just because people say this over and over again doesn’t make it true. The polarization of American politics has stretched further than ever before. Because of this, 2020 could very well be the most important election in our country’s history. Here’s why.

As I’ve explained time and time again, there is not enough evidence to prove that “systemic racism” is an actual thing in the American legal system. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and especially Jacob Blake. The left-wing media has lied about every single one of these events to portray it as a bigger problem than it actually was, and people don’t bother to do their research. Feelings don’t matter here, facts do. We’re a country that doesn’t bother to listen to people or gather evidence anymore. We read a headline and form opinions based off that one sentence. And the media knows that.

The reaction of the Jacob Blake shooting is the most baffling of them all. A man has a restraining order and a warrant out for his arrest, he is breaking in to the house of the woman he has sexually assaulted to steal her keys and take the children, he resists arrest, gets tased twice and doesn’t stop, continues to fight officers, tells them he has a knife, goes to a car with the children in it to try to grab the knife, and gets shot by the officers. The headline reads “black man shot by police.”

The left has spent years trying to say that these instances where a cop kills a black man is that it’s always because of racism. That wasn’t true for George Floyd and that’s not true in this case. Do you actually think that if he was white that wouldn’t have happened? At least in the George Floyd case there were clear signs of poor policing practices. What else do people want the cops to have done? Let Blake shoot a cop first? Let Blake drive away with the children in his car? There needs to be a genuine response from the left that explains what they wanted to have happened differently. And just because he was black does not make the shooting racially motivated.

And now the left decides that it is going to riot every time a black man is killed. Not protest, riot. Since George Floyd, more than 700 officers have been injured in riots and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage.

How do politicians respond to this? The left has done nothing. Democratic politicians have added gas to the fire every time they say that cops are out to get black people. Their rhetoric has caused this.

Yes, I don’t think President Trump has done enough. But to blame him for these events, or to imply that if there was a different Republican president things would be better is not true. This has been happening long before him. It has nothing to do with Trump, it’s about the violence the left is inciting. Then, when President Trump tries to provide federal assistance to these cities, the democratically ran cities decline the aid. And even if these riots and violence are happening because Donald Trump is president, that shouldn’t matter. That does not justify the left’s irrational response to his presidency, nor should it be a reason to not vote for him in 2020. It’s extortion for democrats to demand you vote for them for the rioting to stop (as if the man in politics for 50 years is going to suddenly solve societal problems in our country). Donald Trump can do more, but he also needs the help of the democratic cities where this is happening. And they would rather let their cities burn. We’ve watched Portland blame Trump, Seattle welcome their CHAZ/CHOP rebellion, and Wisconsin demand Trump not come to the scene of these riots. You tell me who’s more divisive.

And when do democrats care? When it shows up in the polls. Not the fact that people are being murdered on the street, but because it hurts Joe Biden’s odds at winning the election. Rioting is not a valid form of protests. It’s crime and destruction.

President Trump needs to do everything he can right now to show people that if they are defending themselves and their property from these ANTIFA and BLM rioters that they will be protected. Citizens should not be afraid to exercise their rights and protect themselves, their family, and their property. Donald Trump hasn’t done enough to reassure people that.

But what’s the alternative? President Trump is not great, but the democratic party doesn’t have a single alternative to him. Imagine a Kamala Harris presidency. Think of how much in America could change. And where’s Joe Biden? He’s not trying to solve problems or provide solutions. He’s sitting quietly in his home away from public view. Instead, he sits back and Tweets how Jacob Blake was killed because of racism. If you vote for Joe Biden in 2020, then you are supporting the rioting, the looting, the murder, the lies. It’s that simple.

It’s not hard to sit back and say both sides are bad and the candidates we have this year are both terrible. It’s not hard to complain every time a president does something you don’t like. And every leader will have things worth blaming them for. But America is at a crossroads right now, and people need to pick a side. Call it what you want, “lesser of two evils,” “best of the worst.” Right now you need to pick a side. You may not completely agree with your candidate, you may not even like who they are personally. But the democratic party is showing a clear and direct attack on our country and its people. If you vote for them, you support that. They support rioting, but say you’re not allowed to protect yourself with a gun. They condone tyranny and ignore freedom. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote supporting violence, suppression, and left-wing authoritarian policy.

The differences between our two parties right now are quite simple: If you think that America has its flaws and can be better, but overall it is a country of opportunity and freedom for all, you vote republican. If you think we should be ashamed of our country’s past and that our society is founded upon racism and hatred, you vote democrat. And the interesting thing is that the right condemns their extremists. On the day of Charlottesville, Trump condemned the alt-right (even though he was falsely accused of not). The left do not do nearly enough to condemn Black Lives Matter or Antifa, and people are dying. It’s as if they want unrest. If the problem never gets solved, then they can keep telling you to vote for them so they can fix it.

The democratic party always paraded themselves as the more compassionate party, but where is the compassion here? Where is the compassion for good cops falsely accused of racism? Where is the compassion for family businesses that were burned down? Where is the compassion for a father who wants to protect his home with a firearm?

It’s time to stop looking at charisma and rhetoric, and instead its time to look at action. You may want someone better than Trump, and rightfully so. But Joe Biden? He’s the man you believe will take our country to where you want it to be? Donald Trump has a very off-putting personality, but if your world views align more with him than Joe Biden you have to take a deep sigh and fill in that bubble next to his name. I wish that we had a better conservative president than Donald Trump right now. I wish that Trump would be more empathetic and decisive. But this election is too important to be picky. We only have two choices, and the side you vote for is the side you are allowing to be in charge of your life, understand that. The outcome of this election will majorly shape our country and its society for years to come. It will affect your life, your children’s life, and your future. Vote the way that makes you feel that you were on the right side of history.

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