The Lies of our 2020 Presidential Election

And how it’s largely one-sided…

HOUSTON, TEXAS – SEPTEMBER 12: Democratic presidential candidates former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) speak after the Democratic Presidential Debate at Texas Southern University’s Health and PE Center on September 12, 2019 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

By: Hayden Cunningham

The American parties weren’t always so polarized. Although they differed in policy, they shared similar end-goals. They had a share value in what made America great: capitalism, sense of patriotism, the constitution. But times have changed, and 2020 has made that more obvious than ever.

The mainstream democratic party has gone radical. This was a slow development that started in the Clinton administration, escalated under Obama, and became prevalent with the Trump presidency. Many of the parties’ prominent members embrace a radical-left agenda: Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris. And then there are those who get pushed around to be further left than they already are: Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden.

This new Democratic Party, under the face of Joe Biden, advocates for policies that are simply Anti-American and anti-constitution. They oppose capitalism, nationalism, and American exceptionalism. They wish to enact hate speech laws (which violate the first amendment), an “assault weapons ban” (which violates the second amendment). They seek to increase the number of justices on the supreme court, stacking it with justices who will help democratic agendas. They want to eliminate the filibuster, the electoral college, and they want to add states to the union simply for the reason of having more democratic congresspeople. Then the democrats claim abortion is protected under the constitution, as if the legal document only applies when it can help their causes.

As of today, Nancy Pelosi is attempting to change the 25th amendment, giving Congress the power to deem a president “unfit for office” and remove him from power. This is a direct attack on the Constitution. It is also worth questioning if this is to remove Trump and any republican she doesn’t like from office, or Joe Biden so Kamala Harris would become the president.

None of this is something that the Democratic Party should be allowed to get away with. This is a result of a group of people who are petty they did not get what they want. Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. Instead of accepting it, they pass the false narratives that Russia helped President Trump win the election. Then they impeach him on no legal grounds. And now, democrats accuse him of voter suppression in 2020, all while promoting a mail-in voting system that is obviously vulnerable to mass voter fraud. All this even makes the senate races more important than ever.

And how does the left answer for these actions? They lie. And lie. And lie some more. In both the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris lied repeatedly. Here’s just some of the many examples:

  • Joe Biden refused to answer if he would pack the Supreme Court
    • Biden later claimed that the people will find out where he stands after the election. When has a presidential candidate ever done that?
  • Joe Biden said he does not support the Green New Deal
    • His website says he does
  • Joe Biden said he won’t ban fracking.
    • Lie, as he has claimed he would
  • Joe Biden repeatedly says to “listen to the science” and “trust the experts”
    • Both Biden and Harris say they are skeptical of a vaccine released during Trump’s presidency. Their party, that accuses the right of being “anti-science” believes there are multiple sexes and genders.
  • Joe Biden denied how his son received a foreign job due to his Vice-Presidency
    • Joe Biden helped Hunter Biden get this job he was unqualified for
  • Kamala Harris refused to answer if her and Biden would pack the Supreme Court
  • Kamala Harris claimed Trump called our troops “suckers” and “losers.”
    • Lie, this has been debunked
  • Kamala Harris claimed Trump called White Supremacists “very fine people”
  • Kamala Harris claimed George Floyd died because of police chokeholds
    • not clear, see autopsy
  • Kamala Harris claimed that the Trump administration called Mexican rapists
    • This is taken out of context. Also worth noting that Harris supported a bail fund that let a child rapist be released from their sentence
  • Kamala Harris cheered her record as a prosecutor, saying it is a representation of what our country should do
    • Harris put non-violent drug offenders in jail, kept people beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor, and withheld evidence that would prevent a criminal from facing the death penalty
  • Kamala Harris claimed that Trump won’t accept the results of the election
    • Her party has accused him of using foreign help to rig the 2016 election
  • Both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden claimed they would not raise-taxes on the middle/lower class
    • They want to remove Trump’s tax cut on the middle and lower class. Thus, raising taxes
  • Bothe Kamala Harris and Joe Biden claim that Trump called COVID-19 a “hoax”
    • Trump did not call the virus fake or a hoax. He said that after impeachment, democrats will use COVID as the next big hoax to attack his presidency.

Where’s the media to call them out for this? Obviously, the mainstream media seeks to cover for Joe Biden, as most of them are democratic activists.

This isn’t to say that the Republican Party is free from hypocrisy, but the differences in the debate are clear. For the most part, Donald Trump and Mike Pence were direct. It is also worth noting that President Trump is hyperbolic. As a salesman/businessman, Trump talks in hyperboles. Everything is “100%,” “the greatest it’s ever been,” “better than every before,” etc.. And while I’m not a fan of this, it’s not the same as lying. The Republican Party isn’t trying to change fundamental parts of our country, either.

I get not liking Donald Trump. However, if you’re going to vote for Joe Biden over him because of “personality” or “character,” then you need to understand what that means. A Joe Biden presidency (and ultimately Kamala Harris) will seek radical change in our country. And it will have the help of every industry that the Democratic Party has corrupted: Hollywood, big tech, media. At the end of the day, it’s not about personality it’s about policy. How can Trump, as off-putting as he is, be enough for sensible voters to elect the party that is tearing our country apart?

Which one of these two men will execute the role of president better (and pass policies that will benefit our country)? That’s the question that should be in every voters’ head on election day. It’s not always about personality. Maybe it used to be, but the parties are too polarized to keeping thinking that way. The choice of what party is put into leadership will make a huge difference in the future of our country and in your personal life. Trump has lived his personal life in a lot of ways I disagree with, but it doesn’t effect his ability to lead our country. And to argue that Joe Biden is more “moral” than Trump is hard to do. Joe Biden is one of the most corrupt men in politics. He’s as establishment as it can get. (His cognitive decline alone shows he can’t physically do the job.)

Whether it be Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, or any other basic politician, don’t be fooled by a façade. It means nothing for a politician to stand in front of a crowd, smile, and say cliché statements like “right now is a time for unity.” This means nothing. What matter is policy and action. President Obama was a professional at this, and the country got increasingly more divided under his failed leadership.

While Trump makes really stupid comments, he gets a lot of good and rational things done. And because he says every dumb thing that pops into his head on Twitter, it makes him transparent. For better or for worse, Trump will expose all of his actions to the public. Joe Biden is the opposite. His party controls him and he will have no strength to stand up for himself. His campaign will tweet generic tweets that “unify,” while doing things behind close doors that will make you question his character. He’s been doing it for 47 years, and politicians have been doing it for 200 years.

Our options aren’t great, but I think that there is very clearly an option that is better than the other. Do you want the candidate who is completely controlled by his radical party, or the one who says really stupid things? Either way, our country is going to get even more divisive. It wouldn’t even matter if there was a better Republican candidate than Trump. The left is playing by their own rules, and refusing to recognize the core values of America that the two parties need to have in common. Hopefully they can come back down to earth, and/or the right can offer more appealing candidates that explain the rationalism of the modern Republican Party.

Let’s just get some younger, sensible candidates pleaseeeeeee.

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