Can we all Still be Friends?

The dangers that the radical left has on society…

Photo courtesy of Tim Pierce

By: Hayden Cunningham

It appears that the party occupying the White House will transition. Joe Biden (barring litigation from the Trump campaign) will be the 46th president of the United States. Now, in his acceptance speech, he gives us the clichés we missed from a president who is a professional politician. “[We] doesn’t see red and blue states, but a United States.” But days ago you called Trump supporters ugly. “I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but to unify.” But you said Republicans wanted to put black people back in chains. The winning party of this presidential election has spent the last four years accusing Trump supporters of being racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. It’s interesting how only when they get power they want unity.

My advice? Stop assuming the president can unite the country. Yes our country is more divided than any other time in modern history. There’s not much that can be done by the government to bring us together. I often joke that if our country had its first mission to go to Mars, half the country would be complaining about pollution from the rocket. Don’t expect the president to solve this problem. If you think that one man can unite us, you are mistaken. In fact it’s quite the opposite. A divided public creates profit for the media and politicians of both parties. If our country wants unity, we have to unite with one another.

So can we all still be friends? You’ve probably heard this call from the left in the last few days. We must come together and be friends regardless of political party. I’ve already pointed out the hypocrisy, but I will still answer the question as if it is genuine: no, we can’t be friends.

The values of American society have changed. In the past, the parties shared common values with one another. They had different agendas, but Democrats and Republicans had the same end goals. Now, we’ve changed. The parties do not want the same results for this nation. The Democratic Party has gone radical, and their attempts to silence those who disagree with them has resulted in intolerance from many of their voters.

Of course not all democratic voters are like this. But you do have this group (especially young leftists) who amplify their voice loud to sound like the majority. We all know someone like this. Someone who thinks that a vote for Trump is an attack on women, an attack on the rights of the LGBT community, a vote against science. All of these accusations are untrue. But are we really surprised that they think this way? Radical leftists, whether people know they are one or not, have an altered view of reality. They get their news from dishonest sources, and they heavily value whataboutisms and anecdotal arguments they see on social media. Combine this with the encouragement from democratic party leaders. When the democrats spend years telling their constituents to uproot racism and put an end to white supremacy with physical force, is it really a shock when ANTIFA beats and harasses Trump supporters out on the streets?

This ignorance needs to stop. Naïve voters, especially millennials and gen Z, needs to learn to have the tolerance they claim to fight for. Read a book of American history, listen to political commentary from both sides, be willing to not have an opinion on a subject until you feel you’re stances can be backed by factual evidence. And by all means, stop treating Republicans like they’re monsters. 70,000,000 people in our country voted for Donald Trump. That number also included a record number of POC voters for the Republican candidate in over 60 years. Those 70 million voters didn’t vote for Donald Trump out of racism or hatred. They didn’t vote for Trump because they are Republicans who “only care about the economy and human rights.” They voted for Trump for 70 million different reasons. Every voter is an individual with individual thought. The right knows this. It’s the left that doesn’t see you as an individual, but rather as whatever group you belong to based off race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

Our country has spent the last four years watching Trump voters be doxed for their voting decision. We’ve seen conservatives lose jobs, censored, assaulted, and killed. Can you honestly say the same level of violence has happened to democrats in that period of time?

I often see this overused quote on social media written in cute pink letters with floral backgrounds behind it: “Difference of opinion doesn’t apply to racism, sexism, and homophobia.” Those radical left voters who share this, believing that these issues motivate half the country, live sad lives. The problem with this is you can’t just sit down with them and explain why they are naïve. Years reading misinformation and lies about every single important event has caused an altered reality, and to fix this would require deconstructing every argument case-by-case (and people don’t have the patience or maturity to sit through that).

I can’t be friends with people who think like this. You paint your opposing party as being evil and immoral, while supporting immoral policies yourself. If you want to characterize America as a country with systemic racism, support abortion when you’ve already seen the science behind it, tax the money away from those who are wealthier than you, support socialism, and turn a blind eye to the violence carried out against those you disagree with, why would I want to be your friend? These stances are immoral, unreasonable, and portray the type of person you are.

Of course there are those who are not radical, but they do have contrary opinions to me. I welcome those people as my friend, as long as we both promise to have open minds and kind hearts. If our values and morals align, we know that both are coming from honest and sincere intentions.

Who knows how divisive our country will become in the future. The state of our society is out of any one person’s hands, but personal relationships aren’t. Talk to your friends and family. Listen to opposing views and learn why people have come to the opinions they have. Don’t just retweet statements similar to this, actually do it. No more virtue signaling. Question everything you hear but more importantly question yourself. Be willing to grow mentally, and above all seek truth.

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