Did President Trump Recommend Drinking Bleach Cleaner to Fight COVID-19?

Trump’s comments that sparked controversy

The Claim: Donald Trump stated that disinfectant could be injected into the human body to fight the Coronavirus. (occurred April 24, 2020)

In a bizarre press briefing, Donald Trump had a lot to say about possible COVID-19 treatments. He began the rant talking about recent scientific proposals to fight the virus, including ultra-violet light. As he commented on this, he looked over to his advisors and stated that it was going to be tested. Trump then stated that disinfectant was another remedy to be tested. He looked to his advisors once again and asked if that is something that can be injected. He concluded that it is something to be looked in to by “medical doctors”, and that it “sounds interesting.”

It is clear that President Trump had a briefing from scientists before speaking to the press. He clearly had trouble understanding what the possible treatments of the virus were. He simply tried to repeat what he heard beforehand, look to his advisors to make sure he was saying that right thing, and repeated that they were solutions being investigated by scientists.

The headlines by the media were that Trump called for people to inject disinfectant into their bodies. When watching the video, it’s obvious the President did not know what he was talking about. But at no point did he call for people to drink bleach or inject disinfectant into their bodies.

One month prior (March 24, 2020), a man died and his wife was hospitalized after they drank fish tank cleaner to prevent COVID-19. Hydroxychloroquine is a proposed treatment of the virus. After Trump and his administration spoke about the drug’s possible success, the couple drank their fish cleaner which had a form of Chloroquine in it. The woman went on to say that we should not trust the President’s comments regarding COVID-19.

The couple’s actions had nothing to do with comments made by Trump. The drug they consumed was not the same as the one being reported to fight the Coronavirus. In no way would a rational person believe that Trump speaking about patients taking a specific drug in a medical setting is related to a couple drinking fish tank cleaner in their home. President Trump’s comments are not responsible for the idiotic actions of a couple that drank something that was presumably labeled “not for human consumption.”

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