Where Did the Vaccine Hesitancy Come From?

CNN displaying anti-vaccine Trump voters

The claim: Don Lemon dedicates a time of his segment to push the narrative that vaccine hesitancy is pushed by right-wingers. (occurred March 20, 2021)

Throughout the beginning of this year, there were accusations that the Republican Party was pushing vaccine hesitancy across the country. But the same news networks that push this allegation leave out that is was Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who stated their distrust in the vaccine when it was first released to the public.

The words expressed by both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in this videos obviously encouraged distrust in the vaccine that was created while Trump was in office.

The rhetoric by left-wing politicians and news outlets have stocked irrational fear regarding COVID-19. A Gallup/Brookings poll from March show how differently Democrats and Republicans view the risk of COVID. 41% of democrats thought that more than half of the people with COVID are hospitalized.

The Democratic Party’s leaders played up the threat of COVID to make Donald Trump look bad and to justify their expensive spending in Congress. Fear among their constituents was irrationally high. Then, when the cure to COVID came, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden told the country to not trust a vaccine that came during the Trump administration.

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