Who Deserves Credit for the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Biden had this to say on February 11

The Claim: President Biden said that his plan was to distribute 100 million vaccines in 100 days. he mentioned that he was told it couldn’t be done. He stated that the Trump administration left him a “mess” and “no real plan to vaccinate Americans.” (occurred February 25, 2021)

Before Biden took office, there was an exponential growth of vaccine distribution. When he took office, our country was already at nearly one million per day. Had Biden never took office, all Americans still would have had the opportunity to get vaccinated by the deadline he set. This was from the vaccine rollout plan established under the Trump administration.

Operation Warp Speed was the name given to the vaccine plan under the Trump administration. This operation was a partnership between private pharmaceutical companies and the government. The Trump White House worked with this companies to speed along the approval process of the COVID-19 vaccine. Despite this, Biden claims that he inherited no plan. Funny, considering he got the vaccine before he took his oath of office.

Giving out credit also belongs to the governors of specific states. Each state has distributed their vaccine differently. Governors like Cuomo and Whitmer are responsible for a higher death toll in their states by sending COVID patients to nursing homes. Some states have tried to distribute in a way that ensures racial equity, rather than distributing it by age. Meanwhile, Governor Ron Desantis has seen surprising low COVID death numbers for his state of Florida, a state with one of the largest elderly populations.

It’s a great thing that the vaccine is available for everyone who needs it, but it is necessary to acknowledge that some political leaders have reacted to COVID differently than others.

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