Are the New Georgia Voter Laws Racist?

The Claim: President Biden claimed that Georgia’s new voter laws are “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.” (occurred March 26, 2021)

Many other politicians called the laws oppressive and racist. The MLB, which originally was scheduled to have the All-Star Game in Atlanta, moved it out of the state. Other companies like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines also commented on the new voting laws. But what rules in Georgia’s new voting policies do Democrats have a problem with?

False Claim #1: Voters cannot be given food or water while in line.

“It makes it a crime to give food or drink to voters waiting in line.” Chris Wallace just blatantly lied on national television about the laws. Lindsey Graham, in response, did not have the facts to correct the false claim.

The law sets a 150 foot radius from the polling center and 25 feet of any voter in line. If an individual wants to donate water to a voter in line, they can give it to the poll workers for general use.

The law attempts to avoid bribery at polling center. They don’t want people in BLM or NRA shirts handing out food and water. Groups cannot give gifts to voters, and that includes food and water. The poll workers, however, are perfectly willing to hand out food and drinks to those in line. And of course, voters can bring their own food and water to consume while waiting in line.

False Claim #2: Voter ID is racist.

I have yet to hear a credible argument about why Voter ID should not be enforced on election day. Most arguments, while having the intention of protecting the vulnerable, end up sounding more racist than the supposed racism they are arguing against. To say that black people cannot get ID because they don’t know how or can’t afford it is a racist assumption. There is zero evidence that ID enforcement disproportionally affects minorities.

Here are a list of things you need a photo ID for:

  • To buy alcohol
  • To buy cigarrettes
  • To open a bank account
  • To apply for welfare and medicaid.
  • To rent or buy a house
  • To travel on an airplane
  • To rent or buy a car
  • To get married
  • To adopt a pet
  • To book a hotel room
  • To visit a casino
  • To pick up a prescription
  • To buy an “M” rated video game
  • To buy a gun (yet, I’ve seen the claim that it is easier to buy a gun than it is to vote. Let me know when a gun is mailed to the home of every person who signs up for one)

Because of the frequent use of a photo ID, most Americans have one. 87% of black people have ID, 90% of Latin Americans have ID, and 95% of white people have ID. In the case of Georgia, 97% of registered voters in the state have ID.

Furthermore, a study by Rasmussen showed the racial makeup of those who support voter ID enforcement. In response to a question asking if voters should have to show a photo ID before voting, 74% of white voters and 73% of black voters supported it.

Other countries do not argue about this subject like the U.S. does. 63% of countries in the European Union have banned mail-in voting, and another 22% require a photo ID for requesting a mail-in ballot.

Republicans want the most basic laws regarding our election that ensures each vote is verified. Democrats want loosely-defined laws, no voter ID, widespread mail-in voting, and policies like ballot harvesting. They then claim that any voting law is racist. At what point does it become suspicious that democrats do not want simple laws that can ensure more trust in our elections?

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