Did Joe Rogan tell People not to get Vaccinated?

The Claim: USA Today stated that Joe Rogan recommended for young people to not get vaccinated. (occurred April 28, 2021)

Before stating the specific claim regarding Joe Rogan, we must address how absurd Fauci’s statements are. He’s saying it’s wrong to make decisions based off your individuality rather than for society. People have the absolute right to practice individualism over collectivism, especially when a non-vaccinated person does not significant risk a vaccinated person.

Joe Rogan with guest Dave Smith

First of all, Joe Rogan (a left-wing podcaster) is not calling for his listeners to act a certain way. He is sharing his opinion on what he would tell someone talking to him. Regardless, nothing he is saying is untrue. Rogan makes the point that there are many factors that affect fighting COVID-19 other than a vaccine. He also says that if someone is vulnerable, they should be vaccinated.

Roughly 80% of people hospitalized from COVID-19 are obese. Individuals under the age of 21 make up less than 1% of total COVID-19 deaths. A healthy 21 year old does not need to worry about the coronavirus. When Joe Rogan makes that claim, he is correct.

Him and his guest (Dave Smith) continue their conversation by expressing their concerns about mandatory vaccinations. Requiring the vaccine, especially for children, is a violation of American liberty. Children as a whole show absolutely no need for the vaccine. And as always, people should have the ability to make their own medical decisions regarding COVID-19 without being mandated by the state, schools, or local businesses.

Side note: I noticed that when I search specific covid-related content into Twitter, it refuses to show me any posts and will only advise me to read information from the Department of Health & Human Services or the CDC.

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