Were the Atlanta Shootings an act of Asian-American Hate?

The Claim: Lisa Ling reported on CNN that after the Atlanta Spa Shootings, it was “open season” on Asian Americans. The shootings in Atlanta was characterized as a hate crime, and the “Stop Asian Hate” movement trended on social media. (occurred March 17, 2021)

“The suspect claims the shooting were not racially motivated… but six of the victims were Asian women. Period.”

Before explaining the false narrative of this shooting, it is important to emphasize how horrendous the event was. The shooter should be convicted and serve a life sentence in prison. In no way does criticizing the narrative of the shooting criticize the victims who lost their lives.

The shooter targeted three massage parlors and spas in the Atlanta area. Eight people were killed: 6 Asian women, one white woman, and one white man. The shooter had spent tame in a treatment center for a sex addiction. Several times during his treatment, he relapsed by visiting massage parlors to meet sex workers. His parents explained that he had an addiction to pornography, and the day before the shooting they kicked him out of their home.

The police described his motive to be the result of a sex addiction he struggled with because of his religious beliefs. The shooter explained he targeted the specific locations to “help” those also dealing with a sex addiction. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department said his quote was to “eliminate the temptation.”

There was no known motive from the shooter that involved racial discrimination. The shooter was charged with eight counts of murder, as well as aggravated assault and domestic terrorism. The district attorney stated her plan was to seek the death penalty. In this event, there was no proof of a hate crime or racial targeting, and the white suspect was found guilty for his actions by a grand jury.

The train of thought displayed in the CNN quote above is a great example of how the left views racism in this country. If something has an outcome that results in a racial disparity, they claim that it must be racist. They ignore all other factors and state that the disproportionality in outcome is racist. This is the type of thinking used by people who want “equity,” and not “equality.” It pushes a false narrative with an agenda, and it stokes fear into the hearts of those who don’t need to be afraid.

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