Was Ending the Iran Nuclear Deal a Bad Idea?

The Daily Show’s take of the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Claim: The Daily Show’s host Trevor Noah claimed that it is a bad idea for President Trump to pull out of the Iran Deal. (occurred May 11, 2018)

No, The United States should not re-enter the Iran nuclear Deal. The Iranian government is one of the leading sponsors of terrorism, so I think the phrase “we do not negotiate with terrorists” should be considered here.

Since the creation of the JCOPA during the Obama administration, Iran’s military has grown. The deal had no restrictions on Iran’s non-nuclear missiles. They still had the ability to strengthen their arsenal, and the US was providing them billions of dollars of settlements from the 1979 arms dispute between the two countries. Even with this loophole, there are many reports that the Iranians violated JCOPA.

The obvious flaw in this deal for those who favor it is that it doesn’t stop Iran’s ambitions for nuclear weapons, just postpones it. The deal was designed to prevent them from trying to create these weapons for 10 years, so in a way the deal guarantees that Iran will eventually have nuclear capabilities. For these reasons, the problems with Iran must be solved with other methods.

Last year (2020), Iran’s Nuclear Chief Salehi claimed that they had secretly purchased replacements for nuclear equipment that the deal required them to destroy. Even after the creation of the JCOPA, Iran was still hostile to Americans. In 2016 (only one year after the deal), Iran detained four Americans, and the Obama administration gave the regime $400 million for their release.

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