What COVID-19 Taught us

How this may be the biggest overreaction in modern history…

Photo Courtesy of Raed Mansour

By: Hayden Cunningham

The coronavirus outbreak is the biggest world event we have seen in the past several decades. It sidelined every country’s economy, and had devastating social consequences. Our country’s reaction to COVID-19 has taught us many things. Most importantly, it taught us how many people are willing to sacrifice their freedom in exchange for social safety, even if that safety is a lie.

The threat of COVID-19 was grossly exaggerated. Here’s how:

Pre-Vaccine protocols

Fifteen days to slow the spread. As our country first got hit with the virus, hospitals had to learn how to fight it. The idea was to “flatten the curve” of the total number of cases. This does not mean we reduce the number of cases, we just prolong them. This would allow hospitals to not be overrun by patients.

Instead, fifteen days lasted more than a year. Our so-called health “experts” continued to advise us to socially distance, stay indoors, and wear masks. While this was a good idea at first, it was prolonged. There were economic and social factors not being taken into account. “Six foot distancing” was also enforced, but that number was arbitrarily chosen.

We were advised to wear masks when interacting with others. In the beginning, it made sense. There were those on the right who argued it violated their freedoms. Contrary to their belief, the government can mandate masks. The argument should be whether or not it is necessary.

The longer mask mandates continued, the more people argued against it. The mask requirements may not have had the effects we intended it to. A University of Louisville study (that used CDC data) was released showing that mask mandates were not associated with lower COVID-19 spread in the states that required them. The mandates also went too far in forcing children to wear them.

Schools should have never been shut down. We knew early on that children were not actively spreading COVID-19 nor were they getting sick. Statistically speaking, a child has a zero percent chance of dying from the coronavirus. The Flu is a far-more deadly virus for children.

The hysteria of masks even resulted in people wearing masks alone outdoors. From everyday people to journalists to politicians, many were still wearing masks when they were outdoors surrounded by nobody. Remember that while N-95 masks protect yourself, cloth masks only help others by stopping your sneezes and coughs.

Post-Vaccine protocols

When the vaccine began to be distributed to the entire country, society was aching to return to normal life. Instead, politicians demanded that even the vaccinated stay shut down.

If you have the vaccine, your risk of hospitalization from COVID-19 is statically 0% and your infection rate goes down 91%-97%.

Not returning to normal life when the vaccine was available to everybody was scientifically nonsense. Yet, President Biden declared that “science is back” while he was still wearing his mask post-vaccination. Congress and the President passed their Covid relief bill worth $2 trillion. They used the pandemic to pass their polices.

In May, the CDC released their guidelines for activities post-vaccination. The CDC had officials stating that those vaccinated should continue to mask. There was no scientific evidence to support the claim that fully-vaccinated people should still be masking. Especially when we knew that, according to the New York Times, “There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions, such as walking past someone on a street or eating at a nearby table.”

Then, one week later with no new data provided, they suddenly released a statement saying you can take your mask off after vaccinations.

What caused the change? Nothing scientific. The first chart was a blatant lie. What actually changed the guidelines was a terrible job report under Joe Biden:

NBC News report on June 4, 2021

The reason they told people to take the masks off was because the economy was suffering. Inflation was raising and Biden wasn’t going to be able to pass the economic bills he wanted. The Biden administration could no longer use the pandemic as an excuse to pass bad economic policy. They now needed more people to return the work, and telling people they can take off the mask was the incentive.

Even after correcting their scientific mistakes (lies), our leaders still ignored the science and recommend masks in public areas that are crowded. Why? What reason is there to not mask post-vaccination in small crowds, but to still mask in large ones? Our scientific institutions in the government have been lying to us for the last year, and now that they need to help Joe Biden they are finally telling us some of the truth.

You do not need to wear a mask post-vaccination at all. When the CDC and politicians were telling you otherwise, they were lying.

Dr. Fauci

Nearly every statement Anthony Fauci made about COVID-19 guidelines can be contradicted by a different statement that he made at an earlier time. For example when the pandemic first started, Fauci said that people should not wear masks. Then, they said we should be wearing them. The CDC said not to wear masks because they were more worried about mask shortages for hospitals. Fauci would continue to make definitive claims on COVID-19 without providing science and evidence to support them.

Fauci fails to explain why he was wearing two masks while already vaccinated

Dr. Fauci failed to explain why the public should be wearing masks post-vaccination. That’s because there isn’t a valid explanation. He laughed at Rand Paul’s characterization of double-masking post-vaccination as “theater.” Except, it was theater. Weeks after this exchange between them occurred, Fauci stated that vaccinated people no longer need to be wearing masks.

“I didn’t want to look like I was giving mixed signals”

This was one of the many times Paul would prove Anthony Fauci wrong. Another example was when Fauci disagreed with Rand Paul’s statement he was “immune” after having COVID-19 in the past. Rand Paul stated he no longer needed to wear a mask nor did he need to get vaccinated because he already got the virus and recovered. Therefore, he has natural antibodies still in his system. Fauci denied this, even though there is no evidence that people can get re-infected with COVID-19.

The worst part of Dr. Fauci’s hypocrisy was his emails that were released to the public. For a while, Fauci was given the benefit of the doubt. He gave the excuse that “science changes” and that is why his stances have changed over the duration of the pandemic. But his email’s show that the science did not change, and Dr. Fauci was lying to the public about a plethora of COVID-19 factors.

Fauci stating that masks bought at a drug store are not really effective.
Fauci stated that asymptomatic transmission is rare. If that’s the case, why were people with no symptoms advised to wear a mask throughout the pandemic?

In February of 2020, Fauci had discussions about the artificial aspects of the virus. Now, we know that COVID-19 may very well have been from a lab leak. But Fauci spent the last year calling this theory a conspiracy. Why was he dismissing the theory when he had this to say one year ago:

Anthony Fauci should be out of a job. He helped politicize scientific institutions that work with the federal government (but that’s the reason he still has his job). Dr. Fauci is now the highest paid federal employee. Joe Biden said there is no scenario that would make him fire Fauci. This federal employee is viewed as the leader of COVID-19 protocols but has no accountability.

The Argument Against Vaccine Mandates

Here is the total percentage of COVID-19 deaths by age group:

Data collected from the CDC

If you are a healthy individual under the age of 24 with no pre-existing conditions that increase your health risks, you have a statistically zero percent chance of dying from COVID-19.

For people under 20, 80% of positive patients are asymptomatic.

78% of those hospitalized from COVID-19 are overweight/obese.

Graph from Business Insider

Despite these scientific facts, politicians call for mandatory vaccines in schools (and some argue for all businesses and travel). Not only is this an attack on individual liberties, it is not scientific.

Requiring a COVID-19 vaccine for students is not the same as requiring MMR shots. With the already enforced mandatory vaccinations, there is a significant risk and transmission level for students. COVID-19 is nowhere near the same risk level, and for students it is lower than the flu. If you take no action in preventing your small child from getting COVID-19, they will be fine. They do not need the vaccine.

The CDC states that vaccines cause more sever side affects in young people:

The frequency of systemic adverse events was higher in younger than the older age group.” for example, “fever was more common after the second dose and in the younger group (15.8%) compared to the older group (10.9%)”

Choosing to get the vaccine should be an individual choice and should never be mandated by any business, school, or employer. If you are old or high-risk of sickness due to COVID-19, of course you should get the vaccine. But if you are young and extremely healthy, and concerned about the long-term affects of the vaccine, it is perfectly respectable for you to opt-out of receiving the vaccination. There are also those who got the COVID-19 virus and still have natural antibodies. If they don’t care to get the vaccine for now, that is understandable. Like all decisions in life, it is a risk assessment. People should have the ability to perform a cost-benefit analysis on their own life.

Regardless, many cry for mandatory vaccines out of fear a large crowd will put them at risk. So to those people I ask this question:

If you are already vaccinated, what substantial risks is a non-vaccinated person posing to you?

If someone is already vaccinated, they do not need to worry about the vaccinated status of the people around them. They will be fine. Yes it is not a 100% chance of safety, but neither is any aspect of life. If you vaccinated yourself, stop caring about the people around you. It doesn’t matter even if they’re some crazy conspiracy theorist who thinks the vaccine has a microchip in it.

At the end of the day, our country needs to take a step back and acknowledge that there is not a catastrophic risk of COVID-19 going forward. We must also agree that a person has the liberty to make their own health choices.

Who suffered because of this overreaction? Shortly after COVID-19 hit the United States, many pundits were calling for a lockdown where the most vulnerable stay locked-down while the healthy continue to live their lives. We should have listened. Suicides rates increased, depression increased, and mass job loss occurred. Children had to struggle with online school. It made sense to shut down when we didn’t know what was going on. But it was prolonged for far too long.

The mask mandates went on far too long as well. Many silence the critics by saying “oh it’s just a mask.” It’s not just about the action of putting on a mask wherever you go, it’s the arbitrary reasoning behind it. Where do you draw the line for refusing to abide by arbitrary and meaningless standards?

So what did COVID-19 teach us? It taught us how many people have a herd mentality. Too many people left the federal government unquestioned (under both the Trump and Biden administration). A severe number of people who claim to be for freedom were willing to abide by authoritarian measures. We also watched tech companies remove and suspend commentators who questioned science. Unsurprisingly, a lot of them turned out to be right about the points they were suspended for. In the future, remember to follow the data instead of the words of our leaders. Our society was extremely willing to give up personal freedom for false promises, and that is a very scary thing.

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