The “Party of Science”

How the Democratic Party’s platform is based off anything but science…

‘Attacks On Me, Quite Frankly, Are Attacks On Science’

By: Hayden Cunningham

COVID-19 showed us just how quickly science can become politicized. Science can become another institution that government can corrupt and use for personal gain. When looking at history, this has always been common. Science has always been used as a tool by political leaders to forward their agenda. If you tell people that everything you say is scientific, you can then say that your critics are “denying science.”

Science is not a group of people, it is a process. It does not matter what so-called “experts” tell you to do. What matters is the the evidence, reasoning, and data they provide. Science must always be criticized and questioned because that is how we find truth. It does not matter if there is an agreement among experts, especially when their evidence is shaky. There were times where scientists agreed that the sun revolved around the Earth. To say otherwise was treasonous. Consensus does not equal truth.

Science is not a substitute for religion. Democrats characterize their party as “the party of science.” They mock the religious voters who mostly side with the Republican party. What our society has seen in the last several years is a cult-like following of “science.” To follow science and acknowledge it’s truths is one thing, but to treat it like a religion is a huge problem.

Wearing masks, for example, became less about medical reasons and more about virtue signaling. For many, wearing a mask everywhere they went was a way to show the world they cared about “saving lives.” Once the vaccine came around, social media was flooded with posts people showing off their vaccination cards and bandages on their arm. Twitter trended with democrats saying they wanted to keep wearing masks in public post-vaccination in order to show people that they are “not Republicans.”

VP Kamala Harris kisses her husband as they both wear masks. Harris was fully-vaccinated at the time.

It is wrong to mock those who believe in religion for not being critical enough of their beliefs, then blindly follow our country’s scientific leaders without question.

Many decisions made by our politicians, while claiming to be in the name of science, is actually because of a certain lobbying group. Here are several examples of the so-called “party of science” using science to justify a policy that is not scientific.


Teachers Unions

We knew for a long time that young children do not transmit the virus as effectively as adults do. Studies from January 2021 and earlier showed that students and teachers were not at an increased risk of getting COVID-19. Teachers, especially young ones, had no reason to be concerned with the re-opening of schools.

Despite this, teachers unions refused to allow teachers to go back to work throughout the pandemic (even once the vaccine was distributed). Joe Biden, in response, called for new ventilation systems in schools, testing for every student and teacher, and a delay in school openings.

Unions across the country will fund a politician’s campaign, ask for them to pass legislation in their favor, then the politician uses the money from the Union for re-election. This exact thing was happening during COVID-19. When vaccines were being distributed at the beginning of the year, Joe Biden deemed teachers as high-priority patients for vaccination. This was not based off science because there was no reason to prioritize teachers. This was to please the teachers unions, who demanded they receive the vaccine before returning to work.

While teachers complained about returning to their jobs, children who should be at school were suffering the consequences of online schooling. Parents were also unable to return to work because their children were still at home. The corruption between politicians and the unions created serious consequences for a large number of families across the country.


American Medical Association (AMA)

In the past, the AMA has stated that they want to ban psychologists from being able to tell children who identify as transgender that they are in fact the sex of which they were born. Now, they are calling for governors to oppose state laws prohibiting gender transition surgeries on minors. The AMA calls gender transition-related care for patients “medically necessary,” and states that prohibiting these surgeries would be a “dangerous intrusion into the practice of medicine.” The American Medical Association has refused to take a scientific stance on transgenderism, but instead has appealed to the social left.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The ACLU released a Twitter thread in February that aimed to “debunk” the “myths” of trans athletes. Myth one was that sex is binary. Myth two was that trans athletes have an unfair advantage over cis athletes. Myth three is that trans athletes hurt women. Myth four was that trans students need separate teams.

None of these statements are actually “myths.” Rather, they are all scientific facts. The ACLU has gone directly against science in an attempt to “fight for civil liberties.” In 2020, the ACLU gave $463 million to Democratic candidates, committees, and PACs.

The ACLU tries to claim that chromosomes do not define biological sex. We hear the argument all the time that there are intersex people who do not have strictly XX or XY chromosomes. Here’s the reason why this does not apply: in science you do not factor in extremes. For example, we teach in anatomy class that human beings have five fingers. Some humans are born with six finger or four fingers. These are rare exceptions, and do not apply to the conclusion that human beings have five fingers. Are we going to change this teaching and say that there is a human finger spectrum? Of course not. When performing a scientific analysis, researchers will remove the extreme from their data. Why should sex be any different?

A majority of intersex people tend to lean more towards one sex than the other anyway. Regardless of this, the concept of intersex people should not apply to transgenderism. Intersex is a physical deformity, transgenderism is a mental disorder. A transgender person has no physical attributes that make them transgender. Rather, they have the belief they are not the sex of which they were born.

Climate Change

Environmental Lobbyists

You know how democrats accuse republicans of doing the bidding of gun lobbies and oil companies? Well, democrats do the same thing with the environmental lobby.

Former Vice President Al Gore released a documentary in 2006 entitled An Inconvenient Truth. Gore emphasized that the climate change, left unfought, will yield irreversible damages in the next decade. Al Gore went on to claim that the North Pole will be ice-free by 2014. He then stated that Earth would be “past a point of no return” by 2016 if we took no action in fighting climate change.

All of the statements made by Al Gore have turned out to be untrue. Yet, he has made millions of dollars for his environmental projects. Politicians like Gore continue to make drastic claims about the environment without citing specific evidence to prove their points.

Proposals to fight climate change have been absurd. The so-called “Green New Deal” that was developed in 2019 would cost at least $10 trillion. But there’s no reason to believe it would be an effective measure to fight climate change.

The point of this article is not to say that we shouldn’t trust science. The point is not to religiously follow science and self-declared leaders of truth. Especially when those leaders are beholden to lobbyists and political groups. Do not give a scientific organization authority just because they proclaim themselves to be experts. Instead, research their findings to determine if their statements are rooted in facts or opinions.

We are at a point where our scientific experts are not basing their statements in science. The arrogance of this is common; individuals with medical degrees or PhD’s will confidently say they know more than you. But if you’re primary care doctor is telling you that men can give birth, they no longer have any credibility regardless of the education they have received. Scientists and doctors do not get to walk around unquestioned.

Too many political leaders will use a crisis to justify increasing the power of government. When COVID-19 is over, they will call gun control, climate change, and racism “national pandemics.” They will then use that as an excuse to push huge spending and overreaching government power. In fact, it’s already starting. Governor Cuomo of New York is already calling gun violence an “epidemic.”

Our politicians must always be questioned. Science is not a shield from criticism. Scientific statements demand justification. It is wrong for our leaders to treat those who question them as apostates. Science must be questioned. That is a necessary component of the process. We need those who question the conclusions of others. And when we have conclusions drawn from facts and evidence, we must all agree on its accuracy. That is the true meaning of science.

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