Pro Vaccine and Anti-Mandates

Why vaccine mandates are an authoritarian power-grab that aren’t based on science..

Photo Courtesy of Viorel Poparcea 

By: Hayden Cunningham

The Biden administration, in an effort to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, released a federal regulation requiring business to mandate employees for a Covid-19 vaccine. This regulation, through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), stated that all private companies with over 100 employees would be required to mandate vaccines. Employees who choose to not receive the vaccine would essentially be fired from their position. Companies who refused to implement this mandate would be subject to heavy fines that would put most companies out of business.

There is a difference between being “anti-vaccine” and “anti vaccine mandate.” Many fully-vaccinated individuals are not in favor of the government forcing people to lose their jobs for not getting the vaccine. Regardless of this simple concept, these two terms have been used interchangeably. Merriam-Webster recently changed their dictionary definition of an “anti-vaxxer” to “a person who opposes the use of vaccine or regulations mandating vaccination.”

Merriam-Webster’s definition of “anti-vaxxer”

The narrative being pushed is that vaccine mandates are necessary to fight Covid-19. But the problem is that this vaccine mandate was not rooted in science. This is not up for debate; a vaccine mandate is not a rational reaction to Covid-19 and will cause more problems than the pandemic itself.

Studies have shown that the initial lockdown of our country in response to Covid-19 hurt more Americans than it protected. There were severe excess burdens created from the 2020 lockdown. These consequences include the following: increase in mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, increased substance abuse, increased financial burdens, prolonged educational growth in children, and more.

A vaccine mandate will similarly carry many excess burdens. New York City, for example, has recently instituted a city-wide mandate for every person over the age of five. Individuals are required to show proof of vaccination to work, to go into restaurants, etc. This has led to many work shortages, particularly among healthcare workers. It also has created a racial disparity; only 16% of African-Americans in the state of New York are vaccinated. Democratic politicians argue that policies that result in disproportional outcomes by race are racist, yet they are silent over this consequence from the vaccine mandate.

It is also worth noting that the call for vaccine mandates was rooted in a false promise: President Biden said that he would “shut down the virus,” not the country. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki initially stated that it was not the role of the federal government. Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi echoed this sentiment. But ultimately, these politicians lied.

The United States needs to shift it’s plan from “how can we stop Covid-19” to “how can we learn to live with the virus.” Here are several reasons why:

The vaccine has been incredibly effective

The Covid-19 vaccines were produced in record time. On average, they have been incredibly effective in decreasing hospitalizations and deaths due to Covid-19 across the world. The vaccines range anywhere from 80% – 95% effectiveness of preventing hospitalization and death.

Despite this, news networks and politicians have made the mistake of using total Covid-19 case numbers as the driving factor for the pandemic response. Case count has never been the priority. From a governmental point of view, hospitalizations and deaths have always been more important. Many people who contract Covid-19 are asymptomatic or have small symptoms. A double-vaccinated person who contracts Covid-19 is most likely to have either no symptoms or feel as though they have a mild cold/flu for a few days. This is not something that is worth shutting down the country and the economy over.

The unvaccinated do not provide substantial risk to the vaccinated

It is well-known that the vaccine does not significantly protect others, but it protects the person who is vaccinated. It is also known that the vaccines are not preventing transmission; the vaccinated still spread Covid-19. Because of this, one person’s vaccination status does not affect the health of another. It’s actually the opposite.

If this is the case, in what way does a vaccine mandate protect others? There is no scientific rationale that mandating Covid-19 for the public would make the public safer.

If the government instead wants to mandate vaccines to ensure everyone has the safety of a vaccine, this would save lives but at the cost of individual liberty. The government does not have the right to force someone to make a decision to increase their health. If this were the case, then the government would have the right to legally require every American to exercise in order to decrease obesity.

And what about an exception for those who have natural immunity? A study from Israel (the largest study to date) shows that a person is 6-12 times more likely to be protected against future Covid-19 infection than if you are vaccinated. The CDC has come out with their own study contradicting this, but it is not nearly as robust as the study from Israel. Regardless, natural immunity provides a significant level of protection. This has been ignored in government calls for a vaccination mandate. If the mandate is about protecting the public and ensuring health and safety, then natural immunity would not be ignored.

Some argue that the mandates will protect individuals who are immuno-compromised. But unfortunately, the government cannot violate the liberty of most Americans in order to protect a small fear. Immuno-compromised individuals have the ability to do what they have done their whole lives: take preventative measures to protect themselves. They have the ability to isolate, practice personal responsibility for their own health, and wear an N95 mask when there are times they can’t isolate.

If you are vaccinated, but are still refusing to interact with others because of their vaccination status, you are anti-vaccine because you aren’t trusting its effectiveness. It is also inappropriate to ask someone’s vaccination status in the workplace. Pre-Covid, it was also considered inappropriate to ask coworkers about their medical history. A person’s Covid-19 vaccination status should be no different.

Treatments are available

The response to Covid-19 has been completely politicized. Many political leaders have determined that every citizen should be vaccinated and that vaccine mandates should be required. Because they are so committed to this narrative, they have ignored all other options.

Peter McCullough, a cardiologist who has testified as an expert of Covid-19 research in front of the Congress and the state Congress of Texas, has stated under oath that tens of thousands of Covid-19 deaths occurred because of the federal government’s suppression of early treatment. The government ignored possible treatments to fight Covid-19. Hydroxichoriqiuine, for example, was proposed as a possible treatment to help patients infected with Covid-19. When President Trump poorly articulated this, the media claimed that the president was recommending people infected with Covid-19 drink bleach.

Treatments have largely been ignored as the narrative continues to be that every individual should get the vaccine. While the vaccine is effective in protecting a person from the effects of Covid-19, why is there not more of a discussion on what to do when there is a positive patient in the hospital who needs treatment? Currently, Pfizer is working on a pill to treat Covid-19 that is supposed to significantly decrease the likelihood of death from the virus. But very few treatment options have been available since the origination of the virus.

Monoclonal antibodies have shown to be one of the most effective treatments available for patients with Covid-19. This treatment is most effective the earlier a patient is treated. Since this is a well-known treatment that can save many lives, why is there not more of a federal push for the distribution of monoclonal antibodies across the country? The Biden administration recently withheld the distribution of monoclonal antibodies from the state of Florida.

There will always be another variant

The rise of the Omicron variant has sparked concern among the country. This virus is substantially more transmissible but as stated earlier, case count does not matter, hospitalizations and deaths do. We have never considered masking in public or shutting down the economy to fight the flu. Why should variants be any different? Vaccines and treatments are available, and there will always be more variants.

In epidemiology, a variant will not become more deadly. Typically, a virus will change to be more transmissible. It is likely that everyone will eventually be infected with Covid-19. But we also know that Omicron is significantly less deadly than other variants. Since this is the case, and natural immunity is known to be more effective than vaccination, those who get Omicron will be relatively safe and protected in the future against another Covid-19 infection.

Masking in public does not need to continue just because a new variant occurs. A vaccinated person has no need to vaccinate for regular public events, and the evidence for public masking is not substantial. Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist and a member of President Biden’s Covid-19 advisory board, stated that the evidence for masking in response to the delta variant is skimpy at best. The viral load of delta is three times that of the regular version of Covid-19. Most masks, specifically cloth and surgical ones, are highly unlikely to be effective at all in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

If you give an inch, they take a mile

The push for vaccine mandates is an aggressively authoritarian proposal by President Biden. The hypocrisy in the left’s support for such mandate is obvious; many democrats cried that President Trump was a fascists and authoritarian, yet those same democrats are silent about the government mandating an irreversible medical decision.

There’s a reason the federal government is using so-called “emergency powers” to push their Covid-19 agenda. When the government is granted more power by the people, rarely does it give that power back. Examples of this can be seen all over the world. Governments have turned tyrannical throughout this pandemic. This may be driven by fear, ignorance, or personal gain by politicians. Australia has been one of the most notable countries to suffer tyranny. The country instituted a nation-wide lockdown and forced vaccination despite having a seven-day average Covid-19 death of one person. The country has also established concentration camps for the unvaccinated. Australians have described stories of law enforcement involuntarily relocating unvaccinated citizens to “quarantine camps.” They have also suffered enormous fines.

Senator Romney claims that a person’s vaccination status affects his health (via Business Insider)

Do you really want to live in a country that can mandate medical decisions for you to be able to work or go into a business? Dr. Anthony Fauci has echoed this authoritarian mindset, claiming that getting vaccinated “isn’t about so-called freedoms.” And as the government continues to push this mandate, big tech companies like Twitter and YouTube are removing content they identify as Covid-19 misinformation.

Remember that the same “scientific experts” who write guidance for Covid-19 are also those who make unscientific claims like the idea that men can get pregnant and chemically caste rating children should be considered normal. What reason do you have to take a scientist or doctor seriously if they are not showing you that they actually follow the scientific process?

CDC uses the term “pregnant people” instead of saying women

Government leaders have more incentives to prolong Covid-19 than to end it. It is time for Americans to acknowledge that and stop looking to the government for solutions to their problems. The abuse of power prevalent in other western countries can easily occur in the United States. The easiest way is for Americans to be passive about our so-called “experts” passing arbitrary laws that lead to less freedom.

“Zero Covid” is never going to be a solution. This country needs to learn to live with the virus. Adults at risk of serious Covid-19 symptoms should get vaccinated. Children are known to be safe. The vaccinated are at a very low risk of severe Covid-19 symptoms once infected. A high level of fear for Covid-19 should no longer be necessary. If a person wants to keep living in fear by masking repeatedly and isolating, they have the right to do so. But they do not have the right to force others to adhere to their fear and illogical responses. You do not have the right to never get sick.

The number of people willing to follow the directions of politicians when logic, common sense, and science contradicts their words is terrifying. Just last holiday season, news networks like CNN, as well as Dr. Fauci claimed that it is too soon for Americans to travel for Christmas and be with their family. What gives an unelected official (or even an elected official) the right to tell Americans this? It is clear that many Americans are willing to sacrifice their freedom, liberty, and individual choice for alleged safety. And as Benjamin Franklin stated, those people deserve neither freedom nor safety.

Many people do not bother to oppose the mandate simply because they already have the vaccine and it will not negatively effect them. This is not an ethical way to act. We must all be willing to oppose discrimination, even if it does not personally affect us.

Every individual should make decisions not because they are told to, but because they took the time to sit down and consider all their options. Society needs to be more willing to ask questions and challenge authority. But ultimately, this pandemic will finally end when people decide to turn off the television.

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