Fact Checking Media Lies about President Trump

*Continually updated as news unfolds. Click on the links and check for updates.*

President Trump says a lot of things that sound rude, ignorant, or just plain stupid. If you look at just his policies and ignore his rhetoric, so far he hasn’t done too bad. However when he goes on Twitter or says something controversal, it diminishes those achievements. Whether he does this on purpose or not, the media goes after him. Many times they take him out of context or interpert his words differently than he meant it. Often this can be because he speaks too broadly and asserts himself in conversations and arguemnts he shouldn’t. Part of the blame is on President Trump for not speaking so clearly, but the media has it’s large share of lies and deception. They will mislead the public in any way they can to ensure President Trump will not be re-elected. No one is keeping them in check. So because of this, here’s our list of the top media lies of Donald Trump.

1.) Charlottesville and “very fine people on both sides”

2.) President Trump called Mexicans “Animals”

3.) Israeli PM Netanyahu and President Trump are stopping Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib from visiting Israel because they are Muslim