Fact Checking Media Lies (2021)

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Growing Concerns of President Biden’s Cognitive Health

A collection of the most concerning moments in President Biden’s various public addresses. This collection is to call to question the laws regarding the age of the president, and how an age maximum on the office may be the best course of action for the future of this country. (recurring)

Following the Texas Abortion Law, did the Supreme Court Undermine Roe v. Wade?

Following the Texas abortion law, Hillary Clinton (and many other feminist leaders) tweeted out that the Supreme Court “gutted Roe v. Wade without hearing arguments, in a one-paragraph, unsigned 5-4 opinion issued in the middle of the night.” (occurred September 2, 2021)

Are COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Schools the same as MMR Requirements?

After Anthony Fauci suggested that schools mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for students to attend school, advocates are comparing the vaccine to required MMR vaccines. Public schools already require students to have MMR vaccines. Is the comparison between the COVID-19 vaccine and MMR vaccines an accurate comparison? (Occurred August 30, 2021)

Which Party Supports Defunding the Police?

In a White House press briefing, Jen Psaki implied that it was Republican lawmakers who support defunding the police. This claim is an obvious contradiction to the “defund the police” movement that has occurred for the last year, and has the support of left-wing politicians and activist groups like BLM. (occurred June 23, 2021)

Did Joe Rogan tell People not to get Vaccinated?

On his podcast, Joe Rogan and guest Dave Smith spoke about the concerns of mandatory vaccines. Joe mentioned that if a healthy 21 year old asked if they should get the vaccine, he would recommend that they don’t need it because they will be okay. Dr. Fauci criticized Rogan’s remarks. Fauci went on to express how individuals should make decisions for society as a whole, not for themselves as the individual. (occurred April 28, 2021)

Are the New Georgia Voter Laws Racist?

President Biden claimed that the new voting laws in Georgia was “Jim Crow in the 21st century.” Networks echoed this characterization by accusing the law of being oppressive. Claims were made that voters could not receive water while in line, and that voter ID is a form of racism designed to suppress black votes. (occurred March 26, 2021)

Where did the Vaccine Hesitancy Come From?

CNN reported a segment during Don Lemon’s show that emphasized the distrust in the vaccine among right-wing voters. But they do not mention the Democratic Party was first to have leader’s say they do not trust the vaccine. They also fail to mention the exaggerated fear of COVID among those on the left. (occurred March 20, 2021)

Were the Atlanta Shootings an act of Asian-American Hate?

Following the Atlanta Spa Shootings, CNN Lisa Ling claimed that it was “open season” on Asian Americans. The shooting was characterized as a hate crime against Asians, but there was no evidence that the shooting was racially motivated. CNN’s Erin Burnett agreed with this characterization because most of the victims were Asian. (occurred March 17, 2021)

Who Deserves Credit for the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution?

After taking office, President Biden took credit for the vaccine distribution plan. Biden stated that there will be 100 million vaccines in 100 days, something he was told could not be done. He also claimed that the Trump administration left him a “mess” and had “no real plan to vaccine Americans.” (occurred February 25, 2021)

How Many Unarmed Black Men were Killed by the Police in 2019?

A study from Skeptic Magazine polled voters to see if they knew how many black unarmed men were killed by the police in 2019. There was significant variation of responses depending on the party affiliation of the subject. Which group of voters had the most accurate response, and what are the true numbers regarding police interaction with black suspects? (occurred February 20, 2021)

Did President Trump Incite the January 6 Capitol Hill Riot?

Major media outlets including NBC and CNN accused President Trump of inciting violence on January 6. A clip from his speech on the same day was shown and political commentators concluded that Trump called for his supporters to riot the Capitol building to protest the results of the election. (occurred January 6, 2021)