Growing Concerns of Biden’s Cognitive Health

Joe Biden entered office at 78 years old. As the oldest President in the history of his country, President Biden’s mental fitness has been continually questioned. His supporters dismiss a majority of the gaffes he makes, citing his “stutter” he had at a young age. But these gaffes are more than a stutter, and raise concerns about cognitive decline.

Below is a collection of the most concerning moments in President Biden’s various public addresses. These include Biden losing his train of thought, slurring his words, and getting extremely confused. This is not to draw a conclusion about his health (that would take a medical professional who can physically assess Biden). This collection is to call to question the age requirements of the president, and how an age maximum on the office may be the best course of action for the future of this country.

During the Campaign

Biden says to “turn the record player on.”

Biden talking about kids rubbing his leg hair and that he “loves kids jumping on [his] lap”

Biden says he’s running for the U.S. Senate

Biden loses his train of thought about COVID-19 numbers.

“I’m going to beat Joe Biden.”

Biden slurs his words.

Biden once again loses his train of thought.

Biden calls Kamala’s husband her wife.

Biden’s teleprompter Fails.

Biden says 120 million people have died from COVID (a drastically higher number than actuality).

First Several Months in Office

Upon taking office, Biden struggles to sign executive orders.

Biden’s first press conference as President came longer than expected for the average President. He appeared to have a list of approved reporters to call on, and many of his answers were incoherent.

Biden stumbles speaking about drivers.

Biden struggles to make his statement to FEMA.

The G7 Summit

Biden Thinks that Syria is Libya.

When asked about his old comments calling Putin a “Killer,” Biden loses focus and forgets what he’s talking about. He spends seven seconds in complete silence.

Biden gets lost in a Café at G7 and has to be escorted out.

Biden at the EU-US Summit in Brussels

Lashing out

When he gets a question he doesn’t like, Biden snaps at reporters. Here, he insults a female reporter

Biden calls troops “stupid bastards”

Odd Whispering

“It grows the economy” meme

An odd display of whispering to answer questions

Insulting and Hypocritical Statements

“Poor kids are just as bright” as white kids

Biden says if black people do not vote for him “you ain’t black”

Biden says that members of black and Hispanic communities don’t know how to get online to get their COVID vaccine.

Biden claims that “Latinx” people do not want to get vaccinated because they are worried about deportation.

Foreign Media Reaction

Foreign country’s news networks spend expensive time observing Biden’s presidency and his mental ability. Here is one example.

Another example from Australia.